Community Rudi no Radio Station Responses


I regularly listen to the Community Rudi no Radio Station since its initiation in 2009. I have obtained a lot of information from the Radio programmes. My favourite programme is Satvik Jivan, which includes information on life. All the programmes are very informative. The Killol programme provides knowledge with fun. I feel inspired after listening to Rudi no Radio programmes.

Rajubhai Vanad


50 children and 3 teachers of Garodiya Village listened to Killol programme, which was liked by children and teachers, alike. The children were eager to participate in recording, post narrowcasting. The children were preparing a Drama and songs, and they invited us to record the same.

Garodiya Village


A narrowcasting was organized in Gibpura Village, in which 16 adolescent girls and 7 women participated. They listened to the Rudu Upavan programme providing information on pickles. Post programme they shared that due to shortage of time, pickles are not prepared at home. They also shared that todayís children donít know the recipes to make pickle, and so, such programmes can be very useful.

Gibapura Village


Two replays of radio programme on World Food Day were organized in two different areas of Rasulpura Village. In all, 22 women listened to the radio programme. After the programme they came to know about the increased wastage of food. They also learned that the food should be preserved for our future generations to come. They realized the value of food through this programme.

Rasulpura Village




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