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Rudi no Radio

Radio Waves of Empowerment since 2005: Amplifying the voices of informal women, who become agents of social change, as they voice their inspiring thoughts as radio anchors.

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Our Mission

At Rudi No Radio, our mission is to uplift and empower informal women residing in rural areas by giving them a powerful platform for self-expression, self-empowerment, and social change. Through our diverse radio programming, we strive to foster self-identity, create nurturing environments, promote economic and social empowerment, and offer a dynamic space for women to share their perspectives and stories.

Our Vision

The vision of Rudi No Radio is to create a society where women in rural areas have access to information, and the ability to be agents of change. We strive to foster a healthy society, strong families, and provide a voice to women who are typically marginalized and disadvantaged.

Radio Program

Folk music

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Best wishes and special messages

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Women’s interaction

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Wisdom of the Elders

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Children’s programmes

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Rudi no Radio Repeats

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Meet The Team

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At Rudi No Radio, our dedicated team of community women, lovingly known as SEWA RJ’s, takes pride in running and managing the station. Our team is a diverse mix, with members who have completed primary, higher secondary, or college education and have had their own journey from being home-based and agriculture workers to becoming fearless RJ’s . With skillful and technical hands, they navigate the consoles, edit the programs, operate recorders, and confidently use microphones to drive our development initiatives. Our team is trained through hands- on experience, by groups like AIR, EMRC, AMARC, VOICES and One World South Asia.

Their growth and expertise are a testament to their determination and resilience. We are in awe of their achievements.

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