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The Listener's Group are created by Rudi no Radio with an aim to increase the number of listeners and spread awareness among listeners on various topics. There are 21 active Listeners Group spread across Gujarat. Some of the responses of our Listeners are mentioned below:



Mast Mayur ne Megh Mubarak,

Koyal ne Mitho Tahukar Mubarak,

Rudi no Radio programme na prem bharya,

Gujarat na garva saal-mubarak,

Sau Shrota Mitro ne Sneh Mubarak.

Becharbhai Ravjibhai Sodha


I came to know about women’s work in the field of handicraft and milk cooperative, which I liked a lot. Awareness on environment should be provided. Tree plantation should be done everywhere and one should motivate others to do the same. Wastage of water should be minimized.

Jogaji Ramdas Thakore



We regularly listen to Rudi no Radio programme with our family. The programme on Solar Energy was excellent. Rudiben, what is the cost of Solar Light? Will you please let us know the price; after listening to the programme we are motivated to install Solar Light at our home.

Natubhai Gordhanbhai Kuriya


We listened to the 11 February 2006 programme on Vasant Panchami. We really enjoyed this programme with our family and found it very informative and interesting. The message of ‘simplicity during the wedding’ provided by Radio Team was very good.

Rupalben Patel


Since last 4 months, I am regularly listening to Rudi no Radio programme. I liked episodes on Vimo SEWA, Solar Energy, Pollution Prevention, Hygiene, Anti-addiction, Female Foeticide, HIV, etc. The episode on water was very informative. Please provide further information on water borne and related diseases.

Kantibhai Punjabhai Sodha


Vruksh Vinani Veldi, Chanda Vinani Raat,

Aa Varsad Vinani Jindagi, Tai gayi Khedut ni Barbad.

We listened to the programme dated 3 July 2010 on Organic Farming. The information provided by Amrutbhai Patel on organic farming was very valuable. Besides, we liked the information on Listeners Group provided by Champaben. What is a farmer supposed to do without ‘water’? Approximately 8 months our land is idle due to lack of sufficient water. Please provide us some guidance for the same.

Shravanbhai Thakore


Thought of the Day: Intelligent person doesn’t wait for the opportunity, but creates opportunity.

Ishwarbhai Ravjibhai Patel


I liked the song on hygiene. I regularly listen to Rudi no Radio programme. I request you to broadcast your programme from Akashwani Rajkot as Akashwani Ahmedabad is not clear lately.

Rajesh G Bariya


The information on pollution during monsoon was very good. The programme was apt when the disease due to mosquitoes during monsoon is widespread everywhere. It is so true that if village is clean, city will be clean and if city will be clean our entire country will remain clean and disease free. We request you to provide the radio programme in the format of Drama to make it more interesting.

Shankarbhai Thakore


This was the first time, I listened to Rudi no Radio programme that too with my friend’s suggestion. The information on trees was very good. We have Badam tree at our home. The Badam tree not only provides us shade but also provides us Badam to eat. We provide seeds to birds through 6 bird feeders located at different places in our village.

Gangaben Maheshwari




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