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Radio Projects

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Department of Science and Technology (DST) Research

Surveyed 1000 individuals across 40 villages in Manipur to determine radio program preferences.


Collaboration with Social Media Awareness Team (SMAT) and CRA UNICEF: Led to the development of multiple programs.

Foxgroup Quiz

Engaged listeners through a village-by-village quiz and active participation in local activities.

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Partnered with Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) for information, education, and communication (IEC) campaign for international yoga day.

Custody Profile Questionnaire Narrowcasting and Broadcasting

Extensive research conducted to advance radio programming.

Digital Rights: How Technologically Advanced Sisters Are

Explored women's technological proficiency.

Nutrition House

Educated villagers about the importance of nutrition using postcards to explain vitamin sources.

Panchayati Raj Program

Addressed the role of elected female sarpanchs (village heads) in village development.

COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness

Educated villagers about the vaccine and its symptoms, encouraging sisters to spread awareness and overcome vaccine hesitancy.

House-to-house Information Dissemination

Ensured widespread awareness and participation in vaccination efforts.